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  • What is Auglinn?
    Auglinn is an app that helps people drop notes and questions in their surroundings through AR. The notes can consist of stories and information, as well as everyday thoughts, memories, complaints, and suggestions. All users must do is drop note boxes or question boxes in their surroundings. By enabling this, Auglinn helps people to exchange their unique experiences and meanings on the geography itself. At the same time, they make a living map on a topic of their interests, which they can share with others. We envision a future where all of humanity leaves traces of themselves in their surroundings and adds meaning. Our mission is to create a new virtual layer where people integrate their thoughts, experiences and stories about the entire geography.
  • Why does the world need Auglinn?
    The world needs Auglinn because it represents a groundbreaking shift in how people connect, share experiences, and leave lasting imprints on their surroundings. Here are several reasons: 1. Preserving Living Histories: Auglinn allows individuals to contribute to a dynamic, living history by sharing personal stories, cultural insights, and historical anecdotes associated with physical locations. Thanks to Auglinn, collective experiences of ordinary people are documented and remembered. 2. Democratizing Storytelling: Auglinn empowers everyone to be a storyteller. It breaks away from the traditional narrative that often focuses on prominent figures like kings or sultans. It gives a voice to individuals and communities (that might otherwise go unheard) in the history. These stories are embodied in the relevant locations through virtual boxes. 3. Improving the Efficiency of Outdoor Note-Taking: Auglinn simplifies outdoor note-taking, allowing users to leave virtual notes at specific locations effortlessly. This feature streamlines the process of capturing spontaneous thoughts, ideas, or reminders while on the go. 4. Enhancing Location Context in Discussions: Auglinn adds a valuable layer of location context to both social and professional discussions. Whether it's sharing thoughts about a scenic spot, discussing a business strategy tied to a specific location, or planning a social gathering, Auglinn enriches conversations by connecting them to physical spaces. 5. Reducing the Material Production and Environmental Impact: By providing a digital alternative to physical signage and warning plates, Auglinn contributes to a significant reduction in material production costs. There's less reliance on traditional printed materials, leading to cost savings and environmental benefits. 6. Promoting Local Discovery: Auglinn encourages exploration and local discovery by providing a platform for users to uncover hidden gems, unique cultural aspects, and lesser-known attractions within their surroundings. And that is why the world needs Auglinn!🤓
  • Can I use Auglinn everywhere?
    To create a box, you can use Auglinn only in outdoors, because Auglinn relies on GPS and placing a box requires location accuracy. For other features (such as creating a space or viewing other people's boxes on the map), Auglinn works everywhere. To use Auglinn, you need an internet connection.
  • Can I suggest new features or improvements for Auglinn?
    Absolutely! We value your feedback and suggestions. Use the "Feedback" button on the profile page in the app, or through Settings.
  • How can I share my Auglinn experiences with friends and family?
    You can share Auglinn with friends and family in multiple ways: - First: You can click on the "Invite BFF" button (Which has Rumi's photo in it) and click "Copy link" and send it to your friend through any channel - Second: If your friend is with you already, you can show your friend the QR code, which you can find in the same "Invite BFF" button - Third: You can share a box or a space that you like, by clicking "Share" and sending through any channel that you like. Help us spread the joy of Auglinn! Share the app with your loved ones using any of these convenient methods. The more, the merrier! 🚀😎
  • Is Auglinn available in multiple languages?
    For now, Auglinn is available only in English. In the future, you will be able to change your language preference for more languages. Tell us which language you would like to see (through "Contact Us" under "Help"), and we will prioritize them accordingly!
  • Does Auglinn require an internet connection to work?
    Yes, Auglinn requires an internet connection to access location data and interact with virtual boxes.
  • Is Auglinn free?
    Signing up and using the core functions of Auglinn (e.g. creating a space or a box, viewing other people's boxes etc.) is free. However, in the future, we may include several in-app purchases for users to unlock new features and upgrade the user experience.
  • Who is behind Auglinn?
    We are just a start-up that is for-profit: Auglinn Inc. (based in US).
  • Where can I find more information about Auglinn's features and updates?
    For more information about the existing features of Auglinn, visit our website ( For more information about the new features and updates, check the "Notifications" in the map page of the app and follow us on social media!
  • The box appears in the wrong place. What should I do?
    Sorry to hear that!😟 If you notice a virtual box appearing in the wrong place (or not appearing at all), click Refresh🔄 button (3-4 times) in the AR view screen, and try moving a few meters in any direction. The GPS will recalibrate, and the box should appear in the correct location. If the same issue repeats, please contact us through Feedback button on the same screen, and we can happily assist you!😉
  • My position on the map is wrong. What should I do?
    Sorry to hear that! 😟If your position on the map is incorrect, ensure that you have enabled location services for Auglinn. Check your device's location settings, your location access for Auglinn and GPS settings, and make sure you have a stable internet connection. If you have recently opened the app, please wait for 10-20 seconds as the GPS position can be fixed meanwhile. Then, click the Refresh 🔄button in the AR view 3-4 times. It should fix the issue. If the same issue repeats, please contact us through the Feedback button on the same screen, and we can happily assist you!😉
  • I'm having trouble finding virtual boxes. What should I do?
    Sorry to hear that! 😟First of all, ensure that you have enabled location services for Auglinn. Check your device's GPS settings and make sure you have a stable internet connection. Then, open the map and see if there are any virtual boxes around you. If no boxes, then check if there is any filter that you selected earlier. If there is no filter selected, then try exploring different areas in your city. Virtual boxes are often placed in crowded or interesting locations. If you see boxes in the map and if you have recently opened the app, wait for 10-20 seconds as the GPS position can be fixed meanwhile. Then, click the Refresh 🔄button in the AR view 3-4 times. It should fix the issue. If the same issue repeats, please contact us through the Feedback button on the same screen, and we can happily assist you!😉
  • How do I find virtual boxes in my city?
    You can find virtual boxes by opening the map in the app. The map will display the locations of virtual boxes around you. Simply click on the boxes on the map and click "View". To respond to the questions, make sure you are closer than 35 meters to the boxes in the real world. We have this condition to ensure that people who respond to the questions are those who actually consume those locations (rather than random remote users).
  • Can I place my own virtual boxes in the city?
    Yes, of course! In fact, that is what we would like you to do! 🤓 Click on AR view and look for the boxes in the menu below. Then, use white box to create notes, and green box for questions. In the future, we will enable more boxes (and other super interesting virtual items) for our users, stay tuned! 😉
  • Can I delete a box after placing it?
    Yes! Once you have placed a virtual box, you can delete it by clicking on the DELETE button, which appears when you click "...". 😊
  • What happens to my boxes when the time is up?
    After the designated time you set for your box is over, your box will automatically disappear from the public (or view-only) spaces where it was initially located. Nevertheless, you'll still have access to it, visible exclusively to you. For a comprehensive view of all your boxes, click your profile and select the "Boxes" tab.
  • Can I see the boxes placed by other users?
    Yes! Boxes that are dropped by other users are visible on the map as long as they are posted to public spaces or private spaces to which you have access. Once you click on each box, you can view who created that box, and the content of the box and when it was created.
  • How can I report inappropriate content or behavior in the app?
    If you come across any inappropriate content or behavior in the app, please report it immediately using the "Report" option that appears when you click "...". Our team will review the report and take appropriate action.
  • What is a Space in Auglinn?
    A Space in Auglinn is a curated world created by users based on their interests. It's a collection of notes and questions (and other items in the future) related to a specific theme or topic that are waiting to be explored. In a way, it is a living map, too. A map that you can share with others. Spaces essentially allow users to carve out a virtual niche tailored to their preferences and interests. Once you create boxes, you can post them to any space to which you have access.
  • How can I create my own Space?
    To create your personalized Space, simply navigate to the "Search Spaces" filter on the map screen, click on "+ Create New Space," or while creating a new box, select "Post to" and then click "+ Create New Space." Select a name for your Space, configure the privacy settings (public, view-only, or private), and begin adding notes to shape your distinct world!
  • What are the privacy settings for a Space?
    Spaces can be set to: 1) Public: Visible to everyone. 2) View-only: Others can view boxes but cannot add boxes (unless they are given access). 3) Private: Others can neither view nor add boxes (unless they are given access). The boxes in the private spaces will not be visible to anyone unless the admin(s) of that space provide someone with access or the password. Note that putting a box into a public space does not guarantee the visibility of that particular box to everyone in the home page. Several algorithms work on which boxes to show each people on the homepage.
  • If I put a box into a public space, will everyone see my box?
    Placing a box in a public space doesn't automatically ensure its visibility in the home page. Other users can see your boxes if: They actively search for the space your box is in (via Search Spaces on the map screen), or Your box is deemed relevant to them. They zoom-in the map. Relevance is determined by Auglinn's algorithms, considering user interests, space-specific interests, and the engagement history of the box with previous users.
  • How can I explore Spaces created by others?
    Explore Spaces by clicking to the Explore button on the right side of the homepage, or navigating to the Search Space section on the map screen. Find Spaces that match your preferences.
  • Can I contribute to Spaces created by others?
    Yes, you can contribute to Public Spaces by dropping notes or questions. View-only Spaces and Private Spaces may require access by the admins of that space for contributions.
  • How can I change my username and password?
    You can change your username and password by going to the Profile on the map screen.
  • How can I follow someone?
    Currently, you cannot follow individual users. However, you can explore a person's profile to discover the Spaces they've created or are following. Auglinn operates as a "Space-centric" app, focusing on connecting users through shared interests and themes. We prioritize Spaces to foster a community-driven experience. While we don't offer individual user following at the moment, who knows, following people might be in the cards for the future. Stay tuned! 🚀
  • Do I need to create an account to use Auglinn?
    Yes, you need to create an account to fully access Auglinn's features.
  • How do I reset my password?
    If you need to reset your password, click on "Forgot Password" on the login screen and follow the instructions sent to your registered email.
  • Can I use Auglinn on multiple devices with the same account?
    Yes, you can use Auglinn on multiple devices with the same account. Simply log in with your account on each device. However, keep in mind that Auglinn cannot be used on tablets.
  • How do I report an issue with a virtual box?
    To report an issue with a virtual box, click on the box to open it. Then, click on the "Report" button and follow the prompts to provide details about the problem.
  • How do I report an issue about the technical issues in the app?
    If you encounter any technical issues in the app, use the "Feedback" button, which is on your profile (on the right). You can describe the problem you are facing, and our support team will reach out if you need assistance.
  • Where is my data stored?
    Your data is securely stored in our servers and cloud-based infrastructure.
  • How does Auglinn use my location data?
    Auglinn uses your location data to display virtual boxes and relevant information based on your real-world surroundings. Auglinn does not share your identifiable location data with 3rd parties.
  • Is my personal information safe and secure with Auglinn?
    Yes, we prioritize user privacy and data security. We follow strict protocols to protect your personal information.🔒For more information, you can visit
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