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Auglinn Skyview for Real Estate Agents

Take real estate marketing to the next level with Augmented Reality

Use Auglinn Skyview to revolutionize how you engage with customers and improve your on-site marketing, utilizing virtual notes and questions on the ground.

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House for Sale! 
3 bed, 1 bath, 794 sqft
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Galaxy Real Estate

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Estate Exterior
Display your Ad at the Spot

Show the key property information right in front of the building for those who pass by.

Introducing Auglinn Skyview

Auglinn Skyview is a web-based product of Auglinn, tailored for professionals.


It allows users to manage site-related tasks more efficiently and easily, through dropping and managing Auglinn's virtual boxes remotely and automatically.

Remote Real Estate Ads Placement and Editing at the Spot

Remote Communication and Updates about the Real Estate at the Spot

Queries of users about houses for sale or rent at specific locations

What Auglinn Skyview provides

Why real estate agents should use Auglinn Skyview

Because Auglinn Skyview takes real estate marketing and sales to the next level by improving the location context.

Apartment for Rent

Create an additional touchpoint to attract leads on the spot

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Communicate with people instantly without going to the real estate location


Provide rich information to your customers about the property and surroundings

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Capture the demand on the real estate in the locations that you care

Establish a virtual presence at any property location without being physically present—simply drop a box remotely.

Allow potential buyers to explore homes as they pass by, boosting your boxes' visibility.

Provide virtual brochures, offering comprehensive details, images, and additional resources.

Auglinn increases your presence for those passing by the real estates that you manage.

Respond promptly to inquiries of customers and prospects who pass by, demonstrating responsiveness and commitment to customer service.

Stay informed about the property's status or needs by hearing from neighboring businesses and residents.

Auglinn empowers real estate agents to instantly capture and address customer feedback.

Enhance buyers' understanding of the neighborhood by embedding informative AR notes around properties, sharing details about local amenities and community highlights.

Offer helpful information for visits, such as key locations, unique property features, safety tips, future developments and more.

Auglinn empowers real estate agents to go beyond traditional engagement methods, offering an interactive experience that leaves a lasting impression on customers.

Gain insights into potential buyers' inquiries and intentions through location-specific box searches.


Auglinn provides valuable data on the questions buyers ask in the areas of your interest, helping you understand their preferences and tailor your offerings accordingly.

How it works

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Drop boxes remotely to interact with customers at any spot, at any time.

With Auglinn Skyview, drop boxes for property ads, information, questions or important announcements for customers remotely, at any location, any time!

This means you can have virtual agents to respond to buyers, virtual banners to communicate property information and updates to buyers, and virtual inspectors to check your property's status at the location itself.


Buyers will see your boxes in front of them (through AR) while they are at the spot. They will also see them through the map of Auglinn.

To encourage neighbors to participate in your polls and surveys, you can provide points that they can later use in ways you define.

View guests' feedback and the site-notes of your teams on a map and in a list

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With Auglinn Skyview Pro, review the customers' notes (complaints or suggestions) or the site notes that your agents take, both on the map and on a table.

The list of site notes can be exported into an Excel document (containing coordinates) and shared with the respective teams.


Monitor customers' interactions with your boxes

Stay on top of what is happening in your spaces and boxes, with all the relevant metrics at a glance on our user-friendly dashboard: responses to polls, views of information, comments, and more.

Viewing a Home

Check our Subscription Plans

Explore the perfect plan to elevate your property showcasing, engage clients, and redefine the way you present homes with Auglinn Skyview.

How to get started with Auglinn Skyview


Request a demo with our expert


See our pricing options and choose a model


Tell us the info. of users in your organization


Receive an onboarding training from us


Enjoy our services and 24/7 support

City Center


Request a demo to find out how you can unlock the next-gen RE management with Augmented Reality.

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