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Auglinn Skyview for Tour Operators & Guides

Take travel experience to the next level with Augmented Reality

Use Auglinn Skyview to revolutionize how you engage with travelers and improve their experience, utilizing virtual notes and questions on the ground.

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This rooftop offers an extraordinary perspective of our city. To get there, follow the the old brick alleyway and the murals that guide you to a discrete door.

Lisa N.

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Recommend Tips and Tricks

Provide additional value to your guests by showing hidden gems, tips and tricks in the city after your daily tour is over.

Introducing Auglinn Skyview

Auglinn Skyview is a web-based product of Auglinn, tailored for professionals.


It allows users to manage site-related tasks more efficiently and easily, through dropping and managing Auglinn's virtual boxes remotely and automatically.

Remote Tours & Content

Remote Information Sharing during the Tour

Immersive, One-of-a-kind Travel Experience

What Auglinn Skyview provides

Why tour operators & guides should use Auglinn Skyview

Because Auglinn Skyview takes travel marketing and experience to the next level by improving the location context.

Digital Nomad

Conduct remote tours

Organize remote tours with a virtual presence at any location without being physically present—simply drop a box remotely.

Allow travelers to explore the city independently or join curated tours like night adventures, culinary delights, shopping excursions, and sustainable tourism.

Enrich the remote tours with interactive history lessons by dropping notes with historical facts, and anecdotes.

Auglinn extends your guiding presence, creating new revenue streams from anywhere in the world.

Local Business

Provide additional value in your tours

Elevate your tours by delivering valuable local insights, local tips, and recommendations at key points of interest through Auglinn's virtual notes. Share details about charming local eateries, cozy cafes, must-try culinary delights and local flora and fauna.

Auglinn empowers you to offer an added layer of value, enriching every moment of your tours.

Brown Luggage

Provide tour preview before the trip

Offer a sneak peek of your tour by placing virtual boxes at key points of interest before the trip begins.

Auglinn enables tour guides to showcase crucial destinations to their guests through an interactive map.

Compass & Map

Gamify your tour experience

Transform your tour into an interactive game by organizing challenges and embedding clues or tasks within virtual boxes, fostering active participation and engagement with the surroundings.

Enhance the experience with 3D models and virtual constellations, adding an extra layer of excitement to captivate guests.

Auglinn ensures a memorable and entertaining journey that leaves a lasting imprint in the memories of your guests.

How it works

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Drop boxes remotely to interact with customers at any spot, at any time.

With Auglinn Skyview, drop boxes for tour information, questions, or important announcements for guests remotely, at any location, any time!

This means you can provide virtual guidance to guests, virtual notes to communicate tour information and updates, and virtual quizzes to check your guests' knowledge at the location itself.

Guests will see your boxes in front of them (through AR) while they are at the spot. They will also see them through the map of Auglinn.

To encourage guests to participate in your quizzes and games, you can provide points that they can later use in ways you define.

View guests' feedback and the site-notes of your teams on a map and in a list

Auglinn Skyview.png

With Auglinn Skyview, review the guests' notes (complaints or suggestions) or the site notes that your colleagues take, both on the map and on a table.

The list of site notes can be exported into an Excel document (containing coordinates) and shared with the respective teams.


Monitor guests' interactions with your boxes

Stay on top of what is happening in your spaces and boxes, with all the relevant metrics at a glance on our user-friendly dashboard: responses to quizzes, views of information, comments, and more.

Tour Bus

Check our Subscription Plans

Explore the perfect plan for your unique tour business needs and unlock a world of augmented possibilities with Auglinn Skyview.

How to get started with Auglinn Skyview


Request a demo with our expert


See our pricing options and choose a model


Tell us the info. of users in your organization


Receive an onboarding training from us


Enjoy our services and 24/7 support

City Center


Request a demo to find out how you can unlock the next-gen travel experience with Augmented Reality.

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