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Leave traces to the world with Auglinn!

Drop, find and share notes outside through AR and a map.

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This video explains what we are about...

The App

Auglinn is an AR* app that allows people to attach notes to locations and share these notes on the street (virtually) and on a map.

*AR: Augmented Reality

Every corner of a city holds different meanings for different people, shaping their versions of the city.

Auglinn connects people with their surroundings by displaying these meanings. It allows you to leave your trace on the city by pinning virtual notes – ideas, information, stories, feedback –  or questions about locations while you are outside. Notes and questions are in a box shape.


You can choose whether your notes are visible to the public or kept private, just for your eyes or the people you give access to. You can share notes as a map with whomever you like.

Here's the cool part: anyone passing by can see and engage with your public notes or questions on the street, through AR.

City street

Get organized

Guys, we meet right here tomorrow at 9 AM to start our city tour!
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Matt C.

-  1h

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The App


The top features of Auglinn

Drop your notes and questions outside

Attach your notes and questions for specific locations outdoors through virtual boxes.


Notes can be intended for particular groups that we call 'Spaces', or for personal use, like reminders.

Other people can like or comment on your notes, and they can respond to your questions.

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The App
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Choose a space and duration for your notes and questions, and post.

For all your boxes that are intended for others, choose a space to post and the duration for your box to expire.

'Space' is a curated world created by Auglinn users based on their interests. You can think of it as a living map.

A space can be created as public, view-only, or private space (e.g. with your family/partner).

Once the time is over and your box is expired, your note will be removed from the chosen spaces, and it will be visible to you only.

The App

Check the map and explore others' spaces to see what is around

Explore the map to see the spaces and the notes and questions that other users created.

Search and filter spaces that you are interested in.


Want to know about the coolest event in the park that you pass by? The movie which was filmed where you are? Or the local gigs that not many people know? Check Auglinn!

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The App
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Discover and follow spaces

Explore the spaces created by other users in Auglinn based on your interests, and discover a world of captivating stories, interesting information, and shared passions.

Follow spaces you like and immerse yourself in a personalized news feed filled with boxes that belong to the spaces you follow.

The App

Create and share spaces

Create your own space to put your notes and questions within.

Share your spaces or the spaces that you liked. Sharing space is like sharing a map with someone.

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The App
Group 61751.png

See other users' profiles to discover the spaces they created or chose to follow

This provides a glimpse into their interests and the unique worlds they've contributed to or found intriguing within Auglinn.

Example Spaces

#MichelinIstanbul 🍴

🍴 Food

Explore interesting content

From the world's oldest cafes to birthplaces of rock bands, see 120+ spaces and 1200+ notes featured by Auglinn.


Outdoor Market

A new social media with a better location context
Brings your words about a place to life, making them tangible, immersive and social and tied to the real world.

City Map with Braille

No more address descriptions or photo attachments
Automates location pinning and photo taking, eliminating the need to describe address, or attach photos when sharing a note or a question.

Virtual Meeting

Remote questions and surveys
Eliminates the need to remain physically present when asking questions about a place to the people who pass by.


Unique content and perspectives based on interests
Tailors your city exploration based on your interests, revealing authentic information, different perspectives, and personal stories about locations.

Civil Engineer at the construction site

Collaborative and effective on-site work
Allows you to easily pin and share notes and questions while working on-site, and revisit these notes at Auglinn Skyview to see them on a map and export to an Excel document.

Image by T.H. Chia

Remote information and announcements
Eliminates the need to be physically present when providing event information, announcements and warnings to people who pass by a place.

Ready to leave your traces to the world?

It's free.


2810 N Church St Wilmington, Delaware, US

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