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Öne Çıkan İçerikler

Sizin için değerli olabileceğini düşündüğümüz birkaç alan (Space) seçtik.

Bu liste düzenli olarak güncellenecektir.


"We are listing the oldest cafes of the world. Join us and let's make this a huge list please."

Ethical Restaurants.jpg

"Whatever ethical eateries we find in the world. Let's make the world a better place."

Silicon Valley Locations.png

"We are listing critical places of Silicon Valley that played a role in the tech world. Join us!"

Where presidents ate.jpg

"All restaurants where US presidents visited at least once. Let me know if I missed anything."

Where books were written.jpg

"We are listing cafes, restaurants and other places where the famous books were written."

Back to the future filming locations.png

"I listed the filming locations of the most legendary movie ever: Back to the Future."

Brunch in Istanbul.jpg

We are listing the cool brunches that take place in Istanbul (as far as we heard from others.)


"We are listing all speak easy bars that we can find around the world."

Celebrity-owned bars.jpg

"We are listing bars and pubs which are owned by celebrities. Let us know if you know more!"

World War 2 - Munich.jpg

"The main WW2 destinations in Munich are listed here. I will keep adding, so follow this space!"

Obama Restaurants.jpg

"All of the restaurants that the president Obama has been before. (I gathered what I read & heard)."

Literary Cafes.jpg

All cafes and restaurants (we could find) which were frequently visited by famous writers and poets.

Outdoor gyms.jpg

"We are listing all outdoor gyms we can find."

Luxury pools in Istanbul.jpg

"We are listing the best and luxury swimming pools in Istanbul. The view should be magnificent in all."

Ye Olde Mitre.jpg

"We are listing the historical pubs in London. Join us if we missed anything! (P.S. I love history)"

Birth places of bands.jpg

"All bars and clubs where famous bands used to play before they were famous. Follow or add more!"

World War 2 - Berlin.jpg

"The main WW2 destinations in Berlin are listed here. I will keep adding, so follow this space!"

Concept Bars.jpg

"We are listing all themed or concept bars / pubs in the world. Join us if you know some! Cheers!

Very Interesting Cafes.jpg

"We are listing all cafes in the world that have interesting concept or vibe. Did we miss anything?"

Interesting Wedding Venues.jpg

"Exploring different wedding venues around the world. Join me!

Öne çıkan içeriklere bakmak ister misiniz? 


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